Connecting with Pets After Death 2022

Want to do more with animal communication and me?

It all starts September 7th! My Soul Level Animal Communication 101 Live Webinars course kicks off in just a few weeks! This is the only way to learn my newest steps for having a back and forth connection (actual communication!) with your pet on the Other Side. By the second lesson, you’re doing your first connection! With live webinars with me every week plus live practice and play webinars with your TA’s, you’ll get to learn with people who really get it. This is a special support-extended version of the class by the way!
Soul Level Animal Communication 101 Course


Connecting with Pets After Death 2-Part Masterclass

Webinar 1: Recording to the right
Learn what animals have to say about the Other Side

Webinar 2: Recording to the right
Q&A and Readings


Animals and the Other Side 2022

Welcome to my Animals and the Other Side: Connecting with Pets After Death 2-Part Masterclass!

Access the class replay now!

Updated 1/2022

Pop-Up Class: Soul Level Energy Clearing

Energy Clearing Pop Up

Welcome to my Soul Level Energy Clearing Webinar!

Class Prep: Take note of the emotions you tend to disregard. Get ready with 10, written out, repeated energetic patterns.


Pop-Up Class: Meet Your Spirit Guides

Welcome to Meet Your Spirit Guides – Finally class!

The recording of this class is now available for you to watch (see the list to the right) but remember to FIRST watch the Clearing Prayer video (it’s like… 3 minutes long?). That’s your prep so you can get the most out of the class!