Soul Level Coaching® Core Beta 2019-10

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By Jennie Weaver on January 17, 2020
Just when I thought I had learned so much and come so far in my SLAC training and certification...this beta class came along and took me to a whole new realm of psychic growth and spiritual healing! I am so grateful to you, Danielle, for developing and creating this space for us to expand our psychic abilities by connecting more deeply with our guides! What a loving and an amazing experience!!
By Kaoru Makiguchi on January 8, 2020
Being an animal intuitive, energy healing practitioner and a LOA coach, I signed up casually thinking "it sounds like it would be helpful for me to learn Danielle's way of coaching so I can possibly offer it to my clients"... From class 1 I was gobsmacked! I got soooo much out of this course. I felt I grew in huge ways I would not have had I not taken this course! <3
By Tara on January 6, 2020
This course was so much more than I thought it would be! It was not only instruction on how to coach others, it helped me uncover limiting beliefs about myself I had been unaware of. Danielle guided us through both course content & self work, and was easily accessible for any questions. The homework was fun, and it was heartwarming to witness new growth amongst my classmates & myself!
By Stephanie on January 2, 2020
This course was incredibly transformational! I learned how to transcend the yo-yoing I do between giving into my compulsive impulses and then trying to overcome them with willpower, then feeling bad about myself for not being able to. It also showed me what real freedom and support feels like. I am beyond grateful to be able to offer this opportunity for transformation and freedom to others.
By Stacey Wall on January 2, 2020
This class far exceeded my expectations. The process itself is very powerful and Danielle brings a beautiful blend of no-nonsense strength, warmth and compassion that fosters real transformation. I noticed significant, life changing healing shifts from class to class. I am so grateful for the personal growth I experienced and am excited to be able to share this with others!
By Vicki on December 18, 2019
During CPP certification I knew the animals were preparing me for something. I am certain this is where they were taking me.

This class is teaching me to work with others to gently and profoundly enrich their soul's mission and evolution on Earth. As is inevitable with Danielle, my soul's journey has been greatly enhanced in the process - in countless ways.

Thank You SO much!
By Anna Marie on December 18, 2019
If you're looking for a class to level up in a major way, this is it! It has not been easy work, but 100% worth every bit of it and then some. I got so much more out of this class than I imagined. I can't wait to get certified!
By Allison on December 18, 2019
Love, love, love this class!! I learned so much about myself and the transformation in me has been incredible. To know that I can help others achieve this type of transformation is awesome and I really look forward to being able to offer this class on my website. I can't thank Danielle enough for giving me the opportunity to be involved in SLC!