Soul Level Psychic® 101 2020

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Welcome to Soul Level Psychic® 101!

Here’s what you have to look forward to! Once a week, for six lessons, you’ll receive an email announcing the next lesson, with a link to the course.

This course is the edited recording from a live course so although you obviously can’t ask questions since you’re watching a video, you DO get the benefit of hearing the questions for the students that originally took the course. Please note that during the live course, students were able to work with each other.

In this, the Instant Access version, you’ll find friends and family to partner with or if you’re a member of Be Open, reach out there with the #practicepractice hashtag to find fun peeps to play with!


  1. Please sign the Release Form ASAP. You won’t be able to continue the class until you have signed the release form.
  2. Head to Start Here on the right and read through the information

Love and light