SLE 301 Release Form


WELCOME to the Soul Level Educator 301 class at the Danielle MacKinnon School (DMS). The following contract is to ensure we are all on the same page about the program, expectations and important details.

The information presented in this program is educational and provided only as general information and entertainment. The information in this program is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or psychological disorder and should not replace health care from a medical professional.

By attending this program, you agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless MacKinnon Media, Inc. and its owners from and against any and all claims which you, or your representatives may have for loss, damage, or injury of any kind arising in connection to this program.

I,  ,  understand that:

  1. This program is for entertainment purposes only.
  2. I can receive a full refund for the price paid if I notify MacKinnon Media Inc. within 10 days of the first class that I would like to drop the class. The drop date for this class is March 16, 2019 Notification must come through email sent to the following address: (Phone calls, Facebook messages and other methods cannot be honored.) I understand that if I drop the class, I will no longer have access to any of the class content or the group forum.
  3. I will be recorded on video during live group webinar calls within the program. This constitutes my release for those recordings.
  4. I will have homework during this program and that at times, I will be required to complete the homework on my own or with other participants in the program as well as turn homework in by particular deliverable dates. If miss these deliverable dates, I will not be eligible to complete this class.
  5. I may have partner homework as well as solo homework through this course and it my responsibility to ensure that I complete all homework in all formats.
  6. I give permission for my email address to be shared with my classmates (only) on the Course website so that I can work with homework partners.
  7. I understand that I will have deliverable deadlines for various components of this class and that it is in my best interest to keep up with each deadline. If miss these deliverable dates, I will not be eligible to complete this class.
  8. I understand I must be a practicing CPP (having completed the Certified Practitioner Program at DMS) enrolled in the PAP program and in good standing with DMS to be eligible to complete this class.
  9. I will need a Facebook account for this program (and I can receive help from MacKinnon Media, Inc. in setting up an account if I am unsure how to do so).
  10. My behavior in the class, including the group forum, must always be conscientious, supportive, helpful, and sincere. I understand that if I behave negatively towards another student, Teaching Assistant or anyone associated with MacKinnon Media, Inc., I will be immediately removed from the program, all access to the class and content, with no refund, and that removals of this nature will be made at the discretion of MacKinnon Media, Inc.
  11. If for any reason I find that I cannot adequately participate in the class (life circumstances, job changes etc.), I will notify Danielle immediately.
  12. I understand that, due to the changing nature of the classes taught through the Danielle MacKinnon School, I will continue to have access to my course for one year after the final date of the class. After that time, the course will be out-of-date and no longer accessible via the system.
  13. If, through the course of the class, I have any concerns I will notify Danielle via email at immediately.

I,  , on  have read, understand and agree to the above disclaimers and I freely consent to attend.

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